Post-Op Kit


The Post Op Care Kit is a carefully selected range of the best products for use after hair transplant surgery. Based on our years of hair restoration experience and the unique knowledge developed by treating over 50,000 clients, the kit contains everything you need to take care of your new grafts and the donor area. These high-quality products are designed to deliver optimum comfort after surgery, assist in the recovery process and support healthy hair growth.

The Post-Op kit Includes:

• Post Op Shampoo gently cleanses the hair and scalp. It contains D-Panthenol to promote better healing and ketoconazole and biotin to stimulate hair growth
• Post Op Spray is a refreshing thermal water formula to hydrate the scalp, help with itchiness and discomfort in both donor and recipient area, as well as assisting in the healing process
• Healing Oil is a nourishing formula with anti-oxidant vitamins. It is extremely helpful in breaking down scabs that form on the recipient area, improving the appearance, provides essential moisture to the scalp ensuring it will be unnoticeable that you have had anything done in the quickest time possible
• Hair Recovery Foam contains bicapil, minoxidil, copper peptides and growth factors to stimulate hair regrowth and minimise shedding following a hair transplant
• Vitruvian Line is a specially formulated vitamin and mineral supplement from Vinci which provides all the nutrients needed for healthy hair growth and after the surgery, your hair will need that more then ever
• Neck pillow helps to elevate the head to reduce pressure on the donor area and improve comfort
• Ice pack helps to minimise swelling for speedier recovery
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