Skull Shaver

Want a reliable shaving tool that makes it easy to keep your look on point? Our electric Skull Shaver is designed to be portable and easy to use, with rotary flex blades that make maintaining a neatly short, shaved hair style smooth sailing.


Skull Shaver Electric shaver for face and scalp 5 rotary flex-action blades Suitable for wet and dry shave methods Lightweight and portable, with easy reach design Superb results – a close, smooth shave every time Conveniently easy to clean Rechargeable – 90 minutes of use with one charge.
The Skull Shaver Described by Vinci Hair Clinic's Salvar Bjornsson as the best shaver he has ever used, the Skull Shaver offers maximum convenience and superior results compared to other shaving tools. Suitable for wet and dry shaving techniques, the Skull Shaver's five pivoting heads ensure speed, comfort and accuracy every time. There is no need to worry about irritation or nicks to your scalp, and the easy reach handle design ensures that you get a close and even shave throughout. The Skull Shaver unit is lightweight and portable for easy use at home or away. It is simple and quick to clean, and offers 90 minutes use on one recharge.

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